IMG_1774 (2015_07_24 21_26_51 UTC)

I love making jewelry.

I love the shine of the beads,especially the crystals.IMG_1468 (2015_07_24 21_26_51 UTC)

I love having a mess of beads and stringing material in front of me and creating something beautiful.

I love what I’ve been doing for the past three years, but it’s time for a change.

A lot of jewelry designers will look at folks like me and call us ‘stringers’. They claim that we aren’t designers, that all we do is string beads on a head pin, or beading wire and call it done. That it doesn’t take a lot of imagination.IMG_2759 (2015_07_24 21_26_51 UTC)

Not true!!!

Oh, yea, I’ve had some really pretty charms that I’ve  added an ear wire to and called it done.  IMG_3151

I’ve had really pretty crystals that I thought needed no other embellishment, so I’ve strung them on a head pin, made a loop and added an ear wire and called done.

And I’ve strung beads for bracelets and necklaces, used elastic and memory wire.IMG_1539

You know what? Look around at people on the street, in the stores, and you will see lots of women wearing that kind of simple, classic jewelry.  For everyday wear, most women will go to simple – a string of pearls, simple earrings, a charm on a chain.  Classic designs that never go out of style are not to be sneezed or sniffed at. These are the pieces that sell. No matter what the fashion magazines may say, most women will go to the simple classics, rather that the big, bold, funky styles that dominate the magazines

But I’m changing it up. I’m tired of classic and simple.

The problem I have with classic and simple is that it is easy; repetitive. I’m bored with it.

I want more of a challenge. Not that stringing a necklace or bracelet can’t be challenging. You get a picture in your head and you start working and find out that the color combination just doesn’t look as good as you thought, or that the beads you picked just don’t work as well, so you have to take it all apart and start over.

What I want is more of an artistic challenge. I want the components to be mine, not just parts I bought from various places and put together myself. So I’m learning to work with new materials, learning new techniques. Learning how to manipulate wire, and clay. Eventually I want to be able to work with sheet metal. I’ve looked into making my own glass beads, but I’m so clumsy I’m afraid I’ll burn the house down. Ceramic is interesting, but right now it’s a bit expensive for me.

Wire, though; wire is awesome. IMG_3580


Right now I’m working in copper that is colored gold and silver. I’m working with straight copper and brass. Wrapping the beads, creating wire components. I’m having so much fun with this that the wire I am wasting in my mistakes isn’t even fazing me. In a few months I plan on moving on to gold – and silver- filled and plated. Eventually I want to move on to sterling. Big dreams!



All of the pieces shown here are available in my Etsy shop or just click on the picture.


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