Hardware Chic

My father was a contractor, so I’m just at home in paint stores and hardware stores as some women are in malls.

Hardware stores are fascinating, actually.  Especially the big box stores with that sell everything AND the kitchen sink.

At least once a month I tag along with my husband when he runs into Lowes, Ace or Home Depot for ‘just one thing’.  Following that man around those stores has given me a new understanding for those men who are following their wives from store to store in the mall.  My husband is so lucky – I don’t do malls or big department stores.

So, I wonder around behind him, sometimes for a full hour after he’s already found his ‘just one thing’, and I look at all the cool tools and walk around the paint department inhaling the familiar smell of paint (reminds me of my dad).

Lately, I’ve taken to really looking closely at some of the stuff in the hardware section of the big box stores, and coming up with jewelry ideas. Yep, jewelry supplies from the hardware store. I know some who buy their wire from Lowes and Home Depot rather than the craft store. I haven’t found any I can use yet, but I did find washers.


Who’d have thought something as simple as a stainless steel washer could be turned into something really chic and trendy?

My first foray into hardware chic involved some washers my husband had in a box in his tool box.


I used chain to connect the washers to make this awesome bib necklace.  Took me hours to figure it the placement of the washers so it would hang right, but after five hours, I finally got what I was after.

Then, last week, we went to the hardware store again and I went straight to the draws of washers, bolts, nuts, etc.  I came away with a bag of large and small washers and sat and looked at them for days.

The other night I grabbed a washer, my steel anvil and my hammer and started banging away until I had this:


After hammering, I polished the two rather dull looking washers with some Mother’s Polish, to clean, polish and protect them from rust and turning and then added some Painted Jasper stones.

From hardware to boho – Hardware Chic.

Both necklace and earrings are on sale in my Etsy shop. Clicking on the images will bring you to either of them.


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